In this informational article, we will discuss 5 basic steps that can help you get started learning and trading Forex online. With so many people stumbling upon the Forex opportunity and seeing its potential, it is surprising how few actually take action and make the effort to learn Forex trading. Many miss out on the money making potential all together. Staying focused is important, and following the 5-step plan listed below will be a simple way for you to get started to learn Forex trading.

Step #1 – Find Online Forex Resources

Today, the internet provides millions with access to an abundance of free learning resources. A quick search of the information online will produce thousands of helpful articles, advice and tips, as well as other free resources such as e-books, self-study classes and informational workshops. Most Forex brokers are offering free educational courses to get you started trading currencies online.

Step #2 – Research, Study and Learn Forex Trading

It may take a little while to locate the Forex education resources that you want to study, but once you do, set aside time to start reading and studying them. Learning Forex will most definitely require you to focus your learning, just like any other topic you are trying to learn and master. Keep working hard to learn until you have a good comprehension of the subject. If you can explain it to a friend, then you have a good understanding. While you are learning, focus on chart analysis, this skill will need to be second nature, as you will need it in order to know when to buy and sell once you have begun trading Forex.

Step #3 – Begin Practicing by Setting Up an Online Forex Practice Account

There is nothing like a hands-on learning experience. Start up an online Forex practice account so you can make some trades without the worry and stress of losing money. You can practice what you have learned, especially the chart analysis skills, and keep on practicing in a real-time currency value environment, but with pretend money. Once you are confident in your abilities in the practice environment you will be ready to move on to the live trading arena.

Step #4 – Fund Your Forex Trading Account

A simple yet critical step is to put money in your Forex trading account. So many people learn about Forex, but for whatever reason do not proceed to go live with their Forex education. The first step to do so is to fund your account. After you have a solid Forex education, and have practiced trading on the trading platform that you plan to utilize, you will be ready to start making real, live Forex trades as soon as you fund your account.

Step #5 – Make Your First Trade

It is very common for you to be nervous about making a real trade, especially your first few trades. Start small so you don’t have as much to lose. It is possible that you could lose some money in your first few trades, but don’t let that keep you from trying again until you make a profit. Over time you will gain more confidence and if you have a solid education, with some luck you will be making profitable decisions before you know it.

In conclusion, if you follow the 5 step plan above, you will quickly be trading Forex online. Many people find that it is much easier than you think to get started trading Forex. Study and learn Forex trading tips well, so that you will hopefully be so lucky to be able to efficiently read the Forex charts and predict the market. With Forex and a bit of skill and luck, you can quickly make a lot of extra money online using Forex.

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