How to trade Forex? Trading Forex is a snap. It might be hard to believe, but Forex trades merely consist of selecting one of the currency pairs, selecting the amount of the base currency, and defining whether you would like to buy or to sell at that time. Once you have placed your first order, you will merely have to wait for a time to exit your transaction at a profit. How to trade Forex profitably? Learn the main rules of Forex trading.

Trading with a Demo Account

The easiest way to learn how to trade Forex is using a demo account. Any mistake that you make while trading on a demo account will not incur any losses. For example, if you buy or sell the currency at the wrong time, if you click the “wrong button” while trading, and so forth. Give your demo trading enough time. Jumping into live trades before you do your homework will merely put you among the 90% of the day traders, who fail in Forex.

Currency Pairs in Forex Trades

Currency pairs represent two currencies paired together against one another. Which currency pair to choose from the multitude of currency pairs? Its probably a good idea to start with the most traded currency, which is nowadays USD/EUR. Try to first understand the traits, which are unique, particularly for this currency pair. How does this currency fluctuate? What may be the reasons of the fluctuations? Which currency in this pair seems to be going up and which seems to be going down, and why? Every currency pair has different reasons for fluctuations. It is better to learn one currency pair before advancing to the next one. Study the currencies and currency pairs, and you will be well on the way to learning how to trade Forex.

Understanding Currency Quotes

Forex trades are always based on currency quotes. Currency quotes are two-sided, consisting of the bid price from one side and the ask price from the other side. Bid represents the selling price of the base currency, when concurrently buying the counter one. Ask represents the purchasing price of the base currency, when concurrently selling the counter one. Good grasp of currency quotes is essential for learning how to trade Forex.

Base currency is any currency that is stated first in the quote and counter currency is any currency that is stated second in the quote. For example, in the most traded currency pair, the base currency is USD and the counter currency is EUR. Base currency value always equals one. The counter currency’s value is calculated counter to the base currency. Forex expresses prices through pips, usually representing the fourth decimal point. How to trade Forex successfully? Understand the meaning of the currency quotes.

Margins and Leverage in Forex trades

Leverage is what your dealer is willing to give you based on the amount of your margin. Trading on margin often sounds very appealing for the novice Forex traders since in this case, leverage would allow you to make substantially larger profits. However, you should realize that your losses in the case of trading on a margin may also become colossal. Dealers often offer 100:1 ratio of leverage to margin. Such a large leverage would allow you to trade with a lot of lots at the same time raising your chances of both profits and losses 100 times. How to trade Forex and stay calm? Do not trade on a margin.

Dealers often act like banks – even if you lose, all they want to do is to give you more money, so you can return more to them. If you lose more, they will give you even more. Until they stop giving you anything, and now you are the one who has to give everything back to them. The result will be a disaster. As well as more money to trade with will not help you learn faster how to trade Forex. Do not fall for the leverage bait. Trade with your own money and do not go in debt.

To learn how to trade Forex, understand currency pairs, currency quotes, and trade on a demo account for a few months. How to trade Forex without large losses? Do not trade on margin and only use the money that you can afford to

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